The lowdown on overseas health insurance

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I wanted to focus on something that I see as a top priority for all expats, which is health insurance. The risks of becoming sick or injured overseas are far too great to ignore and without the right health insurance in place:

  • The cost of treatment could break the bank
  • You may not have access to high quality hospitals and treatment centres
  • You may face a delay in treatment due to waiting lists
  • Your health outcomes may be much worse than if you were at home

There are so many reasons why international health insurance is a must for expats, and I really wanted to take the time to explain why you should get this sorted sooner rather than later. In less than 6 minutes, I cover the 6 top reasons why you should get you and your family covered.

<watch this video >

A medical emergency far from home is most people’s worst nightmare. With not only your health but also your financial security at stake, getting covered makes a lot of sense. Luckily it is also pretty straightforward to get cover in place, and there are some really affordable options we can run through with you.

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