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Offshore Investments to boost your nest egg

As an expat, you want to capitalise on the opportunity to build up your savings and investments while overseas. That way, when you return home, you will leave with not only good memories but a solid financial base for the future.

One of the big financial benefits of being an expat is access to a huge choice of investments. Investing your money offshore can be a tax-efficient way of building your assets. We can advise you on investments that are secure, strong and suitable to you.

How we can help you invest

Choice, range & diversity

Our investment recommendations will be tailored to your life plans, other assets and attitude to risk. There are so many options, but we can help you to build a diverse portfolio that fits you.

Portable & expat friendly

Your investment fund can stay in place, no matter where you end up.  We know your plans may be up in the air and our recommendations will provide you with both strong assets and flexibility.

Get ahead, don’t fall behind

At some point you will probably go home, but what will you have to show for it? Having a strong performing investments means that you’ll be able to fund the future you want for your family.

Free Resources

We have some handy tools and guides that will help you take control of your money matters

Our free checklist will help you to better navigate the murky overseas financial waters so you can avoid common mistakes and get ahead during your expat adventure.

Want to know if you’re on track for retirement? Keen to see how much more you can save? Ready to start putting money aside for school fees? Play around with our free calculators.

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