Want to make the right money moves as an expat?

We help you set up your future while you enjoy your overseas adventure.

Get ahead

Your expat life may be unscripted, but your finances deserve a plan

Moving overseas is the experience of a lifetime, and may be the best decision you have ever made.  But it shouldn’t mean pressing pause on your future life and money goals.

Make the most of your time
(and money) overseas

It’s a balancing act – you want to enjoy your time and make memories, but also get ahead financially.

Without the right financial plan in place, you run the risk of having nothing to show for your expat years.

We can help you to take control of your finances so that you can feel confident that your money is working hard.

Feeling at sea?
You need advice you can trust while far from home

You waved goodbye to life at home, your family, friends… and also your trusted advisers! It can be hard to know who to trust in your new environment. The good news? We are experts in helping expats transition to life overseas. We are not only experienced and accredited to provide financial advice to expats, we also offer a friendly face and sympathetic ear – we’ve been there ourselves!

Help with all your money matters, so you can expat with ease!

We are guessing that your dream of life overseas didn’t include navigating a new banking system, figuring out currency rates, tax implications and health insurance.

Luckily, we are experienced in helping expats get set up and deal with all the little annoying details that sap your time and energy.

We are all about empowering you to understand your finances so you know you are getting somewhere while you enjoy your expat adventure.

Why Choose Us


Sorting out your offshore banking

We help you to navigate all aspects of banking overseas, saving you time, money & hassle

Investing for the future

We can help you take advantage of attractive offshore investment options

Building & boosting your savings

We can help you save more by having a plan for your earnings that you actually stick to!

Insuring your family’s health

We can get you covered to make sure  that your family gets access to the best medical care while overseas

Protecting your family & your future

We can help protect what you’ve worked hard to build with expat-friendly life and protection policies

Advice for all money matters

We can review your portfolio, help plan out your goals and be the advisor you need while abroad

Free Resources

We have some handy tools and guides that will help you take control of your money matters

Our free checklist will help you to better navigate the murky overseas financial waters so you can avoid common mistakes and get ahead during your expat adventure.

Want to know if you’re on track for retirement? Keen to see how much more you can save? Ready to start putting money aside for school fees? Play around with our free calculators.


Our Happy Clients

Sten Coppin
Sten Coppin
Working with Andy has been a great experience for me as an expat new to the Philippines. I was unsure about the cost of living, expenses, and my family's savings potential, but Andy helped sort through all the data and we found the right amount to save and invest to maintain our desired standard of living later in life. Additionally, we worked out a life insurance plan that fits my family's needs. This has given us peace of mind for both the present and the future.
Victoria Nolasco
Victoria Nolasco
I was first introduced to Andy some years ago when I was living full time in the Philippines. He was arranging my international health insurance. My husband had recently died and I’d used all my superannuation caring for him. It was a tough time. At the age of 60, I thought it was too late to re-invest for my retirement. Andy worked out a sum that we both agreed I could manage each month. That was over 4 years ago and I’m so glad I did it. Even with a downturn during covid, my investment barely dropped and now is back in the black. I now have a tidy nest egg and when it matures it will help me to have the ease in retirement I thought I’d lost. Andy has been there 100% of the way. Assisting promptly with any hiccups and even being there to advise when I needed a trip to hospital. I highly recommend him as an investment advice provider and as a very honest and helpful person.

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