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Welcome to TAG Wealth International, a tailored experience…just for you.

After the founding directors experienced South East Asia through the eyes of expatriates, we concluded that individuals and companies deserved access to far better wealth management services. Thus TAG Wealth International was born.

We specialise in expatriate financial issues and global investment strategies and have made it our mission to provide our expatriate clients with the most effective, reliable and ethical wealth management solutions available in the global market, in a region that is still largely unregulated by any financial authority.

Our expatriate clients benefit from the experience and knowledge of financial experts who have themselves lived the expatriate lifestyle and so understand the issues.

We work tirelessly to ensure that the financial planning process is as simple and problem- free as possible, with every client, whether individual or business based, receiving a plan drafted by our experienced advisers and support staff to meet their specific requirements.

Now operating across the entire South East Asian region, we have you covered for all your financial needs!

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Expat Advantage

Don’t underestimate the advantages of being an expat! Even if you are intending to work away from home for only a few years, the earning potential and tax efficient opportunities are incredible. We want to work with you to ensure the opportunity isn’t wasted.

The team at TWI is not associated with any other financial services provider so any advice we give to our clients is completely impartial. Our aim is to provide you with a range of financial and insurance options which can be tailored to ensure you enjoy maximum wealth and total financial security. With the right plans in place you, your family and your business will be free to explore new possibilities and achieve future goals.

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Financial Advice for Expats in Southeast Asia

Whilst working with many NGOs in Cambodia, it was brought to our attention that there is a desperate need for reliable financial planning advice for the expat community throughout South East Asia.

We have therefore developed a range of financial services designed especially for expats and have built a team of consultants who understand the expat community and their specific financial needs. Whether you are an individual or a small business, your personal TWI consultant will work closely with you to create a unique and dedicated financial plan just for you.

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Our Services

TWI offers a full financial planning review for the expatriate community in SEA. We have partnered with a selection of well-known offshore product providers and can tailor a complete financial plan, whilst remaining completely independent and impartial. We intend to be unique in our offer of providing a planning service rather than simply selling financial products!

Existing Portfolio: Review & Repair

Do you believe that you’ve been given poor or misleading advice or started an investment plan which is not right for you? Has your original adviser gone AWOL leaving you with a policy that you don’t fully understand and that is not being regularly reviewed? We are all too familiar with this situation and we’re committed to rectifying the issue and putting you back in control. Our mission is to create a bespoke financial plan as opposed to selling you an off-the-shelf product which doesn’t suit your circumstances.

Offshore Banking

International banking enables people who live or work abroad to manage their finances in one central location. Keeping your money in one place, allows you to make transfers and payments in several currencies from a stable and secure offshore jurisdiction. With a link between all of your banking arrangements, you can be in complete control of your money, wherever you are in the world.

Health Insurance

It’s now simple to get expat medical insurance for yourself and your family, no matter where you are in the world. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive expatriate health insurance plan for your family, or you just want to cover the essentials for yourself, buying expatriate medical insurance doesn’t have to be a long or complex process. Plans can be accessed through a secure online portfolio, so you can access your health insurance plan from anywhere in the world, whenever it suits you.

Life Insurance

An International Life Insurance Plan provides affordable life insurance cover to safeguard your family’s financial future. Your death could leave your family or business financially vulnerable. Life insurance will help provide financial security for the people you leave behind. If you die as a result of illness or accident before you reach age 70, your plan will pay your family a lump sum benefit.

Income Protection

An International Income Protection Plan pays you a regular income if you become unable to work due to an illness or injury. For most of us, the financial security of our family is dependent upon our ability to work and earn a regular income. With advances in modern medicine, you are more likely to survive a serious illness than die from it, so income protection is now as important as life insurance, and an essential part of a well-balanced insurance portfolio.

When you apply for an Income Protection Plan, you choose the level of cover you would need to maintain your family’s lifestyle if you were unable to work. If you suffer an illness or injury which prevents you from working for an extended period, your plan will provide you with a regular income for as long as your illness or injury prevents you from working, right up to age 65 if necessary.

Regular Savings Plans

Our savings plans are designed for those who wish to save for their future on a regular and flexible basis. Perhaps you may want to supplement savings outside of a pension or other tax-advantaged vehicle. These plans provide the potential to build up cash for substantial future expenditures, such as paying school or university fees, or supplementing income in retirement.

Retirement Planning Solutions

Your retirement is a whole new chapter in life and it’s important to think about how you are going to make the most of it. Planning early is the best way to ensure you’re working towards the retirement you want. We recognise that retirement means different things to different people and therefore our retirement solutions are designed to help you manage, grow and protect your retirement savings and income.

Estate Planning: (Australians & UK Expats)

We can provide a comprehensive Will writing service to ensure all your affairs are in order. This will give you and your family the peace of mind in knowing that you have taken steps to protect them and your assets.

Australian Property Finance

If you are interested in buying a property in Australia, we can assist. We have access to a large panel of lenders, building companies and real estate agents and can provide competitive packages for expats on securities located in Australia. More information is available on request.

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Meet the team

The People Who Make It Happen

TAG Wealth International Pty Ltd (TWI) is an Australian-based company which offers financial planning services to the expatriate community in South East Asia.

TWI was established in 2011 by Andrew Willard and Tony Herbert following their experiences working with humanitarian expeditions in Cambodia. An opportunity was recognised that would allow reliable, independent financial planning to be offered to expatriates.

TWI has chosen to base its South East Asian operations in Phnom Penh. We are now very well positioned to service a rapidly expanding expatriate community in Cambodia. From this base we are also able to offer these services to individuals and companies across the entire South East Asia region, including Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Indonesia.

Our advisers are supported by an experienced administration team, which is based in the TAG Group’s head office in Perth Western Australia.

Andy Willard

+61 451 094349

More Information

Tony Herbert

+61 409 884134

More Information

Andy Willard

Tel: +61 451 094349

Email andy

Andy is originally from the UK, where he worked in the financial services industry for 20 years initially in the Lloyd’s of London Reinsurance Market, and then running his own Financial Planning Practice for 12 years.

Following the successful sale of the practice, Andy relocated to Australia with his family in 2007. He subsequently has held both Business Development and State Manager roles (WA & SA) at Tower Australia and AXA Australia.

Andy decided to return to advising private clients in 2011 after recognising that there was a desperate need for reliable financial planning advice for the expat community in South East Asia.

TAG Wealth International was established as a result and Andy is one of the founding directors of the company.

Andy is very pleased to be part of this venture which offers a specialised service to expatriate high net worth clients. He is looking forward to building the business and developing the unique service offered by TAG Wealth International.

Andy holds a UK Chartered Insurance Institute – Diploma of Financial Planning and an Australian Diploma of Financial Planning.

Tony Herbert

Tel: +61 409 884134

Email tony

Tony is a founding director of TAG Wealth International and has over 15 years’ experience in the financial services industry. He is co-founder and director of the TAG Financial Group based in Perth WA. He holds a Diploma of Financial Service in Financial Planning and Finance Broking. With fellow director Andy Willard he recognized that there was a desperate need for reliable and ethical financial planning for the expat community in South East Asia so they established TAG Wealth International in 2011.

Tony prides himself on ensuring his clients understand their goals and recommendations while capitalising on their expat status while living offshore.

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