Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are. We know that it is of utmost importance to our referral partners that we are licenced and regulated. TAG offers Investment Advice and Insurance brokerage services to applicable jurisdictions via Financial Services Network Ltd, regulated by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission License No. C116016070.

We get paid in two different ways depending on our clients’ requirements. We generally do not require upfront payment from our clients, as we receive commission or similar remuneration from the institutions with which we place business. This is generally recouped by regular charges which will be clearly outlined in the product brochures and documentation

Where our clients require general advice, not relating to products where commission is payable, we will charge a client fee which will be clearly explained and agreed before we get started.

We firmly believe that getting good advice is the best investment that an expat can make as it will often pay for itself in the long run.

Yes, we know this is a really important factor for our expats. We are here to make their life easier, especially at those challenging transitional stages, so we ensure that the products and solutions that we recommend are globally portable.

Sometimes expats want to put down more permanent roots or perhaps just want to have the option of “bricks and mortar” investment in their new home country. For those looking to explore this option, we can guide them through the process and have well-established referral arrangements with expat-friendly mortgage brokers in Australia.

We know that investments can be impacted by currency fluctuations.  While this can sometimes be to clients’ advantage, we are also well-prepared to mitigate against the potential risk.  We will always recommend investments in the most appropriate currency for the client’s situation and make sure they have a good spread to balance the risk.

Moving offshore will not necessarily affect your super balance. However you may find that an offshore employer is not required to make SG contributions and will incorporate this in your salary package. To ensure you’re not costing yourself over the long run, it’s important to review your superannuation options before you accept that new overseas job offer – we can assist you in making the right decisions before this adversely impacts your retirement plans.

Expats really need to get a good understanding of whether their existing life and income protection will cover them as an overseas resident. Cover provided really depends on the individual insurance provider and should be clarified before they set off. For those who need cover, we have lots of experience in getting expats set up with reliable and cost-effective insurance that will give them the peace of mind they need while far from home.

Yes! The good news for expats is that there are many tax advantages to investing in an offshore product. Usually the investment would be free of Income & Capital Gains Tax, though this does depend on the jurisdiction of the product provider). This is an area that can really help expats to build some solid savings for the future and we’d love to explore it more with them.

Though the majority of expats do end up coming home, there are some that get a taste for the exotic life and end up making the move permanently. We are experts in this situation and can help expats manage all aspects of their money across their financial lifecycle – from savings and investments to protection, retirement and estate planning.