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Welcome to Tag Wealth International

At TAG Wealth International, we help expats to navigate their time abroad and use it to get ahead with their finances, not fall behind.

We can help you get set up financially, protect your family, and build your ideal life now and in the future.

The Experts in Expat Financial Planning

We know that every day as an expat is a new adventure to be experienced. With so much going on, its easy to get distracted from the big picture and lose sight of your motivations for moving overseas in the first place.

More than just an opportunity to broaden your horizons, you probably chose working offshore as a smart money move, a chance to earn more, pay less tax, spend less and bank some savings for the future.

This is all possible, but is not going to happen by default. We have the expertise you need to help you make the most of your expat experience while investing in your financial future.

We will help you make a plan to fund the life you want, sort out your everyday money matters, and get your safety net in place, all without compromising your expat lifestyle.

We know expat money – is it time to talk about yours?

Why More Expats Are Choosing Tag Wealth International

Global Financial Advice and Support

We offer you advice, support, and the right financial options, no matter where in the world you are or in what direction your life takes you.

Comprehensive Financial Solutions

We help you with everything from big picture budgeting to the nitty-gritty of international banking so that nothing is left to chance.

Building Your Investments

We help you build assets to support your short, medium, and long-term goals so your financial future is secure.

Strategic Tax Planning

We connect you with tax professionals who can help you pay less tax and save more.

Investment Security

All our investments are personally vetted. Rest easy knowing that we only deal with assets in high quality, safe and secure jurisdictions.

Family Protection

We give you the peace of mind that you and your family are protected in case of sickness, injury, or death.

Your expat experts

Our Team

The People Who Make It Happen

Andy Willard

Andy is currently living the expat dream! Having worked in the financial services industry in the UK for over 20 years, the weather and the work inspired him to move to Australia in 2007.

Having seen firsthand the lack of reliable, safe and effective financial advice available, he realised the expat community needed him!

Andy now lives in the Philippines where, if he’s not helping expats plan their finances, you might find him scuba diving or sipping a cool one. He loves to meet new people and is always ready to have a chat about life, money and everything in between.

Andy holds a UK Chartered Insurance Institute Diploma of Financial Planning and an Australian Diploma of Financial Planning.

Tony Herbert

Tony believes that everyone deserves a financial plan. After many years at the helm of the financial services business he founded over 10 years ago, he saw an advice gap in the expat community. Expats were getting bad advice from unscrupulous advisors or else getting no advice at all. He decided that expats needed a skilled, specialist advice firm they could trust while living and working abroad, and TAG Wealth International was born.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Tony spends much of his time working with accountants, advisers and employers to support their offshore clients/employees.

Tony has over 15 years’ experience in the financial services industry and holds an Advanced Dip in Financial Planning (ADFS) FP and Diploma in Finance Broking(DFS) FB.